Don’t be a Phone Book – Keep Your Website Current

Phone Book, websitesThe new Rutland/Killington phone book arrived at our office today so I looked up restaurants to see if there were any new ones I would want to check out. Should I have been surprised that each one marked with a red "X" is now closed, or has been closed for YEARS?! You might ask why they would still be listed if they closed over 3 years ago. Good question!  (Hemingways & Sawdi's for example) To reiterate - this phone book arrived TODAY! It is so far out of date already that it makes an excellent case for relying on your own website and keeping it current. Nobody searching for a restaurant wants to receive a 'disconnected' notice when dialing for a reservation or directions. Notably, both can be done easily on most of today's new, mobile-friendly sites when designed by a good marketing firm.

Websites Designed to be Current Now - and a Year From Now

Today, those of us with small or large businesses can rely on ourselves or our marketing partners to keep our information current so websites never become as outdated as any phone book. Fortunately, we can now ensure websites are as current as the latests news of five minutes ago. Gone are the days that you had no choice but to be published once per year in a book that is obsolete the very day it arrives in your home.

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Bill Ackerman is the Chief Marketing Officer at Green Mountain Marketing & Advertising. Prior to joining Green Mountain, Bill was a Certified Hotel Administrator, and spent 34 years in senior leadership at hotels, restaurants and conference centers across the country from Texas to New England, and most recently as the Head of Retail at The Vermont Country Store for over 9 years. Bill has dedicated his effort to promoting Vermont’s unspoiled way of life and its natural beauty as a four season destination. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce, Vermont Convention Bureau, Hospitality Advisory Board of Stafford Technical Center, and is an advocate-leader for Vermont’s Aging Worker Initiative. Bill can be reached at